Bauer Community Center


Bauer Community Center ( ) offers programs and services to underprivileged youth promote positive youth development, and academic success.  They offer a whole range of other services to support struggling families and help them succeed.  There is a palpable atmosphere of caring in the facility that is very moving. 

IWA Academy needs volunteers to work at Bauer Community Center who can:

Work with children in the grades 1-4 group or those in the grades 5-12 group for academic success.

Be a buddy to these children. Talk and listen to them. Get to know them. Earn their trust.

Provide homework help.

Get the youth exposed to and interested in careers/opportunities that they may be unaware of.  We are particularly interested in nurturing interest in the STEM arena, that is expected to provide many job opportunities in the coming years. Bauer has study areas, computers, an art room, books, movie room, kitchen, and gym available for use. 

Commit to coming in during the entire academic year, for one hour per week between on the same day every week.

Adults and teens who wish to work with the grades 1-4 group will need to commit for a time slot between 3 and 6 pm. Adults who wish to work with the grades 5-12 group will need to commit for a time slot between 6 and 8 pm. 

It is important for IWA volunteers to be available on a regular schedule.  We encourage you to volunteer through IWA so that we can promote our immigrant community as caring and integrated. For more details, contact us at 

We need you to propel IWA Academy forward full steam.